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Total Joint Replacement a boon for arthritis
Total joint Replacement...Now made Affordable to All!
What is a healthy Joint?

A healthy joint is painless, with excellent range of motion and with an ability to walk long distances. The joint is made up of participating bones, which are lined by smooth shiny surface at joint level(called as articular cartilage).

What is arthritis?

Arthritis means wear and tear. With the increasing age or any pathology-excessive wear and tear of joints sets in. This leads to destruction of articular surface, menisci and in late stages even the ligaments. The joint undergoes phase of inflammation and then progressive destruction finally leading to a completely worn out joint.

Can I prevent arthritis and further destruction of the joint?

When you are having joint pains it’s a good idea to consult an expert in the field. The symptom might be a precursor of the later arthritic process. At this stage an expert can help in preventing arthritis occurring or for can postpone joints deterioration occurring at a fast pace.

Do medicines or physiotherapy help?
In early stage of arthritis… Medicines and physiotherapy plays a major role. A lot of medicines are available from various fields of medicine and they have their own advantages, disadvantages, side effects and limitations. But generally, medicines are good in early stage to prevent rapid deterioration of the joint and take down inflammation. Certainly one can slow down the process BUT not completely stop it. Physiotherapy is a good complement to medicines and again acts in similar way to slow down the inflammation.
Does a brace have any role in Knee Arthritis?
In early stage of Arthritis with joint pain brace helps in transferring the load pattern. Thus all the weight load, which gets transmitted from the damaged portion of the joint, which is as yet normal. This has a very time bound benefit and should not be considered as the final answer for ailment.
What are various surgical options for arthritis?
One all above mentioned options stop acting and helping in pain relief…surgery needs to be considered. The various options in surgery are:

1. Arthroscopic Examination/ Wash out (Key hole surgery)
2. Realignment surgery (Osteotomy)
3. Partial Joint Replacement
4. Total Knee Replacement
At what stage should I consider a Total Knee Replacement?
When medicines and physiotherapy stop helping in pain relief, when pain starts inferring with activities of daily living, when pain starts you keeping awake at night and when range of movement gets progressively decreased. When one or more of above are present one may want to consider Total Knee Replacement.
What exactly is done during Total Knee Replacement?
The process replaces the damaged portion of the joint i.e., Thigh bone (Femur), Shin bone (tibia) and the knee cap (patella) this is replaced by an implant which is made up of Metal and plastic combination. The metal is well suited for staying implanted in body for prolonged duration.
How long does it take to recover?
Patient is in the hospital for 8-12 days. He/ She walks the next day of operation. This is major operation and takes usually 3 months to 9 months to recover fully. Of course, if patient works harder for recovery, this can be fastened.
When will I walk again?
Usually in a day or two following the surgery in most cases. Then you will be helped by our team of Physiotherapists and occupational therapists. One walks with some support in the initial period, usually with walker or cane.
What is the cost of surgery?
With the advent of technology, implant material science- the implant, which is available exclusively at Sushrut Hospital, has dramatically reduced the cost of surgery. Earlier the operation, which cost 1.2 to 1.5 lakhs will henceforth cost far lesser. And yes this implant is no inferior but matches with the set International standards.
What is this new type of Hip Replacement surgery and is called the “New Revolution”?
Conventional Hip replacement(Total Hip Replacement or THR) is an excellent procedure in elderly or sedentary people, but it cannot restore the mobility desired by younger and middle aged patients. Also, it can sometimes dislocate or slip out of joint. Loosen faster in younger people (and vital bone is lost as the Total Hip Replacement loosens) and patients are often restricted in terms of their lifestyle and mobility. For example, patients who have had conventional hip replacement are not allowed to squat, are not allowed to bend and pick something up from the floor, and not allowed to cross their legs. All this, however, is usually possible to do after Hip Resurfacing.
A striking advance has been made in the field of surgery for Hip Arthritis. “Don’t get a Hip Replacement, just reline or resurface your arthritic hip!” This is what hundreds of satisfied hip resurfacing patients are now urging other arthritic patients to do.
Hip resurfacing has been known as an alternative to total hip replacement or for younger patients, to watchful waiting, and involves the removal and replacement of the surface of the femoral head with a hollow metal hemisphere. This hemisphere fits into a metal acetabular cup. The technique conserves femoral bone, maintains normal femoral loading and stresses. Therefore this is a unique method of Total Hip Replacement.
How do I choose the doctor and place for surgery?
Lot of surgeons with a very small experience starts doing this kind of major surgery. Usually surgeons attend one or two workshops or so a small training course and start practicing this art. One should evaluate which doctors are well trained from in this field and also whether they are competent enough to handle this kind of major operation. Also one should look at the facility available to this kind of important operation wherein even smallest error can cause disaster. An ideal set up for this kind of surgery which is available exclusively at Sushrut Hospital include a SPACE THEATRE which is comprising of laminar air flow (for clean environment), space suits, and computer assisted surgery. This type of operation theatre at Sushrut Hospital is first of its kind in entire Country.
What are the distinct benefits of the operation?
Pain free excellent range of movement and once again an Independent life and activities.
Above article is written by renowned Joint Replacement surgeon of Central India, Dr Sushrut Babhulkar. He has to his Credit more than 2,000 Joint Replacement and more than 150 International and National publications and reputed Orthopaedic Journals. All the points, views, treatment rationale and options mentioned in this article are of highest International standards and are widely practiced worldwide. Though with rapid advancement in medical field and constantly changing views some deviation from this may be possible in future years to come.
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