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Dr. Nandini Babhulkar
Dr. Nandini Babhulkar

M.D. (Paediatrics)
Hon. Ass. Professor in Paediatrics,
Indira Gandhi Medical College & Mayo General Hospital,
Nagpur - India.

• Paediatric Rheumatology


Dr. Nandini Sushrut Babhulkar, a topper from Shivaji University, securing one Gold Medal and seven prizes for securing first position in Final MBBS. After doing her MD in pediatrics from Sangli Civil Hospital & Miraj Medical College, she joined Sushrut Hospital as Consultant Pediatrician and also Indira Gandhi Medical College & mayo General Hospital as Honorary Asst. Professor in Pediatrics. She had an opportunity of working at University of Dundee in 2001 and gained experience in Pediatric rheumatology. She runs a dedicated Pediatric OPD at Sushrut Hospital. She has a keen interest in Pediatric Rheumatalogy and takes care of Joints ailments in children.

Division of Pediatric Rheumatology
Most of the joint pains in children are beginning but some may turn out to be chronic conditions like Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis,systemic luous erythematosus etc. It is essential to pick up these children early in the course of the disease so as to minimize the damage caused to the joints and offer them a better quality of life. If not detected early this may lead to disastrous outcome clinically as well as radiologically. Not only bones and Joints but also systemic involvement is extremely common than as is usually anticipated. It is thus not only essential but also very vital to catch them early. The Division takes care of Joints ailments affecting younger individuals in Paediatrics age group. Patients are clinically examined and are posed to relevant investigations of Pathology and Radiology available under same roof at Sushrut Hospital.
The Division aims at early diagnosis, state of the art treatment, long term follow-up and rehabilitative services to the children. Parent education and awareness will be one of the key functions of this division.
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