Dr. Sudhir babhulkar

M.S. Orth D.Orth Ph.D.Orth D.Sc.Orth.
F.A.C.S F.I.C.S F.I.C.A F.A.M.S.
Dr. Babhulkar Former Prof. & Head Dept. of Orthopaedics
Indira Gandhi Medical College and Mayo General
Hospital Nagpur, India
Former President Indian Orthopaedic Association
Prof. Emeritus Orthopaedics
Indira Gandhi Medical College and Mayo General Hospital,
Nagpur, India
President Trauma Society of India

Prof. Dr Sudhir Babhulkar was born in a remote village of Bhankheda, near Sewagram in Wardha district of Maharashtra. The life of Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar is an outstanding saga of the rise of a young village student to an Eminent Orthopaedic surgeon of National & International repute achieved through sheer hard work, dedication to excellence and an intense desire to serve the society. Prof.Dr.Sudhir Babhulkar’s father, freedom fighter & a staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhi, actively participated in the freedom struggle and was jailed several times for the same by the Britishers. As a result, even as a young boy, Prof. Dr.Sudhir Babhulkar had to work while studying to support himself financially to complete his school education. The struggle continued throughout his medical college days but undaunted by the financial difficulties, he completed his graduation from Government Medical College, Nagpur and proceeded to Mumbai in pursuit of higher education. Moved by the plight of the physically handicapped in society, he decided to pursue a career in Orthopedic surgery. After his post graduation, when most of his colleagues left the country, he returned to Nagpur inspite of many lucrative offers in Mumbai and abroad as there was no fully qualified Orthopedic surgeon in the entire Central India in the 1970s.
In the year 1970 Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar established “Sushrut Hospital and Research Centre” the first Orthopedic and Traumatology hospital in Central India catering to patients from entire Vidarbha, Marathawada, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Chhatisgarh. This became and remains till date a pioneer Institute caring for patients with physical deformities, accidents and fractures, poliomyelitis and needing joint replacements. Sushrut Hospital was the first institute to start the latest AO Technology for fracture fixation in Maharashtra in 1983. He brought to Nagpur the concept of internal fixation of fractures offering patients early recovery and avoiding cribbling deformities. He has kept himself update with the latest technologies of the western world and employed them successfully in Nagpur. He still actively involved in the management of trauma and complicated fractures management continues to dedicate most of his time for management of Intra-articular injuries and ghastly complex fractures. He was the President of Indian Orthopaedic Association in the year 2001, a national level orgsnisation and of Vice President AADO, Hong Kong. He along with few National Orthopaedic Surgeons took keen interest in the field of Traumatology and established the Trauma Society of India. He is a founder Secretary and currently the President of Trauma Society of India. Prof Sudhir Babhulkar has to his credit more than 500 articles in National and International Journals.
Prof.Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar’s passion for teaching led to his joining Indira Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur in 1977 and subsequently he established the Department of Orthopedics and started Post graduation courses in Orthopedics for the students. He retired as Prof & Head of Deptt Orthopaedics in 2007 & Honored by Govt. Of Maharashtra by conferring him the status of Emeritus Professor at Indira Gandhi medical College, Nagpur. He also started similar postgraduate courses at Sushrut Hospital and Research Centre from 1990. Under his able guidance, more than 150 orthopedic surgeons have been trained till date and continue to do so.
Central India is a belt known for high prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease commonly seen amongst Scheduled cast, Scheduled Tribes of poor socio economic class that affects the bones and joints leading to physical disabilities and even death in patients. Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar focused his research on this genetic disorder, which was carried out for more than 25 years. It aimed at reducing the morbidity and mortality in patients by early detection and effective management to prevent complications and helped the large population of poor socio-ecominc strata. Genetic and marriage counseling was also done for patients and their relatives through multiple camps conducted in various peripheral and remote areas of Central India.
Prof.Dr.Sudhir Babhulkar has written the one of its kind Monogram on “Bone and Orthopedic Manifestations of Sickle Cell Haemoglobinopathy” published by CBS publishers, New Delhi in 1997. He has been honored with Ph.D and D.Sc for his outstanding research in the field of Sickle Cell Disease by Nagpur University. He is now considered a world authority on Orthopaedic management of bone manifestations in Sickle Cell Disease. He is a keen academician and his research work is internationally recognize especially his original work on Sickle cell disease
Prof.Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar established a charitable institution “Vidharba Association of Physically Handicapped” registered under Public Trust Act and adopted the village of Narkhed in 1977 with the aim to provide treatment free of cost to the physically handicapped people in rural as well as urban poor sectors of society. Surgeries were carried out and calipers were distributed to the needy free of cost. This project continued from 1975 till 1988. He also actively rendered his services at NARCAOOD – a charitable institute providing treatment for physically handicapped in Vidarbha region as a consultant for last 40 years and continues to serve as Vice President of the institute since 1985.
Dr.Sudhir Babhulkar continues with his charitable endeavors at Sushrut Hospital and Research Centre where in patients from underprivileged sector of society are treated and operated free of cost. Diagnostic and health camps are held regularly in rural centres adjoining Nagpur. As a part of this service, he established “Siddhi Seva Rugnalaya” in Dhamna village to provide free treatment facility daily to the villagers in 2005. Simran library was also started to promote reading and educational material to the students and general population of the village.
He has also been widely lecturing on various topics all over the world including Fracture Fixation techniques, Avascular Necrosis, Various ways of Femoral Head Preserving procedures and Sickle Cell Disease.
Apart from his clinical work, Prof.Dr.Sudhir Babhulkar is a strong academician acknowledged both at National and International level for his contribution in the field of Orthopedics.