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Total Joint Replacement:

“SPACE THEATRE” is a very special environment created and constructed for Total Joint Replacement surgeries to yield an International standard World Class results. It is a combinations of:-

  1. Trained Personnel including Joint Replacement surgeons and his team.
  2. Clean Air Laminar Air flow System which will facilitate Sterile air media in the surgery zone.
  3. Space suits worn by the personnel specially made by DePuy company, USA to assure absolute sterile handling of Bones and Joints and
  4. Computer aided surgery which facilitates current placement of artificial joint Prostheses so as to match Normal Human Anatomy. A normative Anatomical data is already established in the Computer. Based on the Intra-operative findings (during surgery) surgeon can take control of outcomes by precisely implementing 3D plans while collecting and analyzing detailed treatment data. This information reduces the risk of complications, surgery time, hospitalization time, and artificial joints wear through suboptimal selection and position of the implant.

Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar wearing the space suit while performing a Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery.
What are “Space Suits”?
These are special dresses to be worn by the Operating surgeon and the immediate assistant. This comprises of a helmet worn and covered by a space gown. This is specially imported from Depuy, USA. The space suit which has electrostatic filter media removes around 91% of the aerosolized particulates down to 0.1 microns. The gown which is a special material developed by DuPont, USA, uses Hytrel elastomer, a barrier material that is both latex and lint free, allows heat to escape while maintaining fluid-impervious barrier protection which is not possible with traditional material.
What is “Laminar Air Flow”?
To keep the air clean of dust, micro-organisms, filtration is the only system available. The HEPA(High efficiency particulate absolute) filter, the filtration of air on control velocity condition, can provide cleanliness of air as defined in the federal standard 209E. The system as a whole is known as Laminar Flow System. Atmospheric air suction through 5 micron filter and pass through HEPA filter on controlled velocity and provide sterile air. The pre- filtered units are placed in suction points and have adjustable speed blowers with over temperature protection. The O.T. air is suck via pre-filters and sent back through Main chamber of HEPA filters placed exactly over Operation Table. The efficiency of HEPA filters is 99.999% of all particles larger than 0.3 micron. The velocity of air outlet is 0.45m/s, which provides “Bio-clean” air as per Federal Standard 209E. The air flow vertical from the filter ceiling over the operating table. The air circulation will be 120 to 400 times depending on the requirement. The laminar air flow is Ultra cleaned over the entire operating area and instantly the theatre is bacteria free.
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh and other while inauguration of Space theatre facility.
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